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Hydrosil: the unique hydrogen liquid carrier

The potential of H2.

In the course of reducing emissions, hydrogen is foreseen to be a key player in a future low-carbon economy. It can be produced from renewables and its use generates no emissions. By switching to low-carbon hydrogen in the mobility and industry sectors, 70 Mtons of CO2 emissions could be avoided in 2030.

Delivery issues.

Storage and delivery of hydrogen in its gaseous form is problematic because of handling and safety issues. Even under high pressure, the most usual way of transporting the element, hydrogen has a low density, which increases costs and greenhouse gas emissions related to its transportation. Considering these hurdles, hydrogen technologies are struggling to develop at large scale.

Our solution: HYDROSIL.

HySiLabs developed an innovative solution to facilitate hydrogen (H2) transportation, by charging and releasing hydrogen in a unique liquid carrier (HydroSil). HySiLabs’ breakthrough innovation has the potential to remove all barriers hindering the deployment of hydrogen solutions by tackling safety, regulations and supply chain issues.

Value Chain

Industrial Processes to charge Hydrosil with hydrogen and energy are plugged into hydrogen production sites.

Hydrosil is stable and non-toxic and uses the same logistic as conventional liquid fuels.

Hydrogen is released on demand and without energy input from Hydrosil to industrial or for the H2 mobility sector.


H2 storage capacity


Liquid at Standard conditions

7x more

7 times more H2 capacity compared to conventionnel compressed gaz

10 patents

15 years of R&D

10 experts from the field

Management team

Claire Burtin

Strategic partnerships manager

Benjamin Burcher

R&D manager

Vincent Lome


Pierre-Emmanuel Casanova


Cloé Satti

Regulatory Engineer

Jihanne Chamcham

Project Manager



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